About Us

Founded in 2005 we are a small family owned business offering IT Consultancy and Services for other businesses, organisations and individuals, with a focus on web software development and integration.

We are a service provider for the Royal College of Psychiatrists responsible for delivery of the Portfolio Online system, and the Faculty of Occupational Medicine‘s FOM Portfolio.

The service uses the PortfolioBuilder platform. A customisable online portfolio, that lets users:

  • complete workplace-based assessments
  • conduct confidential 360° peer assessments
  • undertake appraisals and reviews
  • create and maintain a dynamic learning plan that can be linked to a framework of competencies
  • record a wide range of activities by entering or uploading documents & resources
  • link activities to competency frameworks
  • categorise and tag activities to organise your portfolio however you like
  • view framework coverage to see which competencies have activities linked in order to develop your learning plan
  • create followup activities to easily connect related activities
  • manage and conduct the entire ARCP process online

The system is flexible enough to support a wide variety of frameworks, document templates, and supports multiple portfolio types.

We provide a comprehensive fully managed service including telephone and email support to end-users.